MORNING BUZZ: Campaign Mail, Hidden Past, and Not Funny

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Good Morning…

Campaign Mail

So if any of you have any questions about my political affiliations…consider this.  Yesterday in the mail, we received an invitation to an event for Mitt Romney, A mailer for The President, Two absentee ballot request forms from The Iowa Democratic party.  A Tom Latham campaign flyer, and two ads from third-party groups…one Democrat, one Republican.  I like getting everyone’s pitch.  

We continue to got visits from both Presidential candidates.  It looked a few weeks ago like we may slide off the swing state list and into The President’s camp, but the polls evened out lately.  It’s going to be another late night election night.  I can see a scenario where we are making a first announcement of the winner in the Presidential election on Today in Iowa.  

One more thing:  

The Register’s Editor and the Paper’s owner had an off the record conversation with The President about the Paper’s endorsement.  The off the record status was the President’s decision.  He would not let the paper publish the conversation as it did with Gov Romney.  Then, after the conversation…the Register’s editor decided that the conversation was too important for Iowa voters to miss.  The President had been so eloquent in his mind…the interview just had to be shared.  So the paper asked if they could publish the conversation again.  This time, the administration said yes…why wouldn’t they…it went well.  

If you ask for a comment to be off the record because you are afraid what you might say will be viewed negatively…you shouldn’t get the opportunity to get that conversation on the record when it goes well.  I doubt very much that if The President had said something he’d regretted that The White House would have allowed the comments to go public.   

Hidden Past

For 20 years a woman hid from her past and lived in Iowa…working as an aide in a High School.  The details of that past are too horrible to detail here but she was involved in the torture and murder of a teenage girl.  You can read about it here if you like.  The question that keeps running through my mind…this woman was 17 when this crime happened.  Can you change?  Can you rehabilitate your life after time in prison for a crime like this?  

Not Funny

I don’t know why but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to talk to my own kids about healthy weight without instilling bad body image.  It can happen to boys too.  

I say this in the context of Honey Boo-Boo.  I don;’t watch the show…I never have.  There is nothing funny or entertaining about a morbidly obese kid and her morbidly obese Mom.  But what is the balance?  No one wants to see Honey Boo-Boo or her Mom discriminated against, made to feel less than or emotionally scarred in any way…but they are NOT HEALTHY.  There are many ways this family is not an example I’d want emulated in my home…but the part I can’t figure out is how we encourage heavier people to make healthier choices while protecting their self-esteem.  You don’t have to look like a runway model…but there is a lot of daylight between that image and a healthy weight.

Feel free to agree or disagree with any of this.


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