ANNUAL EVENT: Republicans Respond To Endorsement

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Saturday night, the Iowa Faith and Freedom coalition held its annual dinner, and many of the 600 guests were surprised with the Des Moines Register’s announcement to endorse Governor Mitt Romney for President.

“I was shocked, we were surprised only because they have not in how many years as long as I can remember and I’ve been in Iowa 40 some years,” says Iowa Senator Nancy Boettger.

The dinner included keynote speaker Texas Governor Rick Perry as well as others from conservative groups around the state.

Organizers say the goal of the event was to keep republican support up and encourage people to keep campaigning right up until Election Day.

The president of the Faith and Freedom Coalition said the recent endorsement didn't hurt their cause either.

“We're only 10 days from the election, and I think people see there is a lot at stake, I think they see with the Des Moines Register maybe that neutralizes the outreach for Obama supporters.  So I think it gives them all that much more momentum and excitement to get out there and support Mitt Romney,” says President of the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Steve Scheffler.

Organizers say all money raised at the event will be used to fund current and future election projects in Iowa.