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HOT ISSUE: Judge Retention Vote

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With the election just days away, one issue seems to be steaming ahead of the others.

The vote to retain Justice David Wiggins, who in 2009 voted to allow gay marriage in the state.

“I never expected it to be a big issue, but once the Supreme Court made their decision it became sort of series of almost inevitable that people would fight against it, that it brings up so much passion, there are such strong feelings on both sides,” says Jana Neff of Ankeny.

Yard signs cover many lawns across the metro on this very issue, to vote yes or no.

Three of the seven judges who voted unanimously on this issue have already been voted out and now Justice Wiggins’ seat is up for the same decision.

Sunday afternoon, Zach Wahls was in Des Moines speaking about his new book, “My Two Moms, Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family.”

You might remember, Wahls speech at the Iowa House of Representatives to support gay marriage went viral, now is up to 20 million hits.

He says what Justice Wiggins did was brave, and his decision needs to be supported.

“I think he made a very difficult decision, but the correct decision, that he upheld the fundamental promise of the constitution, which is equal protection for all Iowans and that’s something that is absolutely very important to protect,” says Wahls.

Iowans for Freedom launched a “No  Wiggins Bus Tour” across the state to encourage people to vote no on his retention.

The group says Justice Wiggins went outside his constitutional boundaries in voting to uphold same-sex marriage.


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