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MURPHY’S LAW: First Kiss On Wedding Day, Billy Dee vs Apollo Creed, Penn State Shame

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Collin Klein’s first kiss came at his wedding. Wait, what? Yep. Dennis Dodd reports the Heisman trophy front-runner saved himself, including kissing, for wedlock. Klein married K-State basketball player Shalin Spani this past July. No wonder Klein’s having a breakout season. He’s enjoying life like never before.

Klein said the Lord told him he’d marry Spani. Spani says a voice told her she’d marry Klein. These were good sources.

Now it’s tempting to be snarky about this, partly because I can’t relate to making a promise at 14 that I wouldn’t kiss a girl until my wedding day. Heck, when I was 14, I spent a good part of my day thinking about kissing a girl that day. I respect Klein, even if I can’t relate to him. At all.

No player in America means more to his team than Collin Klein.

Wait, first kiss on his wedding day?! I’m sorry. Still having trouble processing that…

We re-cast Star Wars with local broadcasters, coaches, and athletes on our radio show Thursday. Erin Kiernan was the choice as Princess Leia. Leia and Erin are both smart, pretty, and feisty, so I understand all the nominations. However, I’ve never seen Erin wear her hair up as cinnamon bun ear covers.

Anyway. As the talk turned to DJK as Lando Calrissian—a smooth-talker who leaves you wondering where his allegiance lies—I mentioned the original Lando, Billy Dee Williams. Erin said she met Billy Dee, and wondered what movie he was in besides Rocky. Rocky? That’s Carl Weathers. Apollo Creed! Here’s a picture of Weathers, who once played for the Raiders, and clearly did Erin’s Workout of the Week before this picture shoot:

And here’s Billy Dee Williams, a man who sold Colt 45, and made Gale Sayers seem skinny in Brian’s Song. Sayers wasn’t skinny…

What’s with that cape?


Chiefs fans deserve better…

Chargers fans deserve better, though they have it better than the Chiefs…

NFL fans deserve better. They had to watch the Chiefs play the Chargers…

And ending on a serious note:

The more we learn of the absolute failure of leadership and decency at the highest rungs of Penn State’s administration, the more outrage we should all feel. Despite fatigue from all things related to that sick monster Jerry Sandusky, we must make sure we don’t turn away so that sports success never corrupts to this shameful level again.

Former Penn State president, and Iowa State alum, Graham Spanier was indicted by a grand jury on eight counts of perjury, obstruction and endangering welfare of children. State’s attorney general, Linda Kelly says: “This was not a mistake, an oversight or a misjudgment. This was a conspiracy of silence by top officials at Penn State, working to actively conceal the truth, with total disregard to the suffering of children.”


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