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CLOSING THE GAP: Gender Equality Addressed

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The issue of gender equality in the workplace, specifically related to wages, has been a key focus during the presidential campaigns. An organization here in Iowa is grateful for that increased attention, especially since their research shows that the wage-gap between the genders isn't getting smaller in the state.

“Right now women are paid about 79 percent of what men are paid when all things are equal,” said Terry Hernandez.

Terry Hernandez is the Executive Director of the Chrysalis Foundation, non-profit aimed at improving the status of women and girls.

Recently she compiled information, studies and statistics into a report, called the 2012 Status of Women and Girls in Iowa.

“There have been some studies in the state of Iowa in the education arena that have shown that men with equal education and experience sometimes are paid quite a bit higher,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez says that awareness is more important now than ever, which is why she dedicated much of her time to educating people on how to handle the situation.  

“For younger women coming into the work place they need to recognize that that is not something that others are going to assume, they are going to have to ask questions about having equal pay to men with the same experience and education,” Hernandez said, “I think we as woman have to understand we have a responsibility to share the information and until the public is informed they may not recognize that these disparities exist.”

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