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ENOUGH! ENOUGH!: Election Fatigue Sets In

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The signs are everywhere.  There is one question hanging in the air.  And get this: most of us have the same answer!

“Are you ready for this election season to be over?"

"Absolutely!” says Jan Bateson of Urbandale.

“I’m tired of the commercials!” says Ken Davis, who voted Tuesday morning.

“Being in Iowa, all the ads, you get tired of hearing the same thing,” said Eric Sorenson, also of Urbandale.

It’s one result that will make just about everyone happy: in a few hours, it’ll all be over.

“There probably isn’t a soul in the country that isn’t really ready for this to be all over,” said Suz Vanderwelt, who spent the afternoon working the phones at the Romney headquarters.

At the polls, voters complained about the barrage of "attack ads" from candidates and Super PACs.

"Oh, they were dumb," said Sherry, another Urbandale voter. "They were really dumb.”

Wasn’t there a time when the ads were more civil?  Maybe.

Or maybe not.  Let's ask Sherry, again,

“Do you remember a time when the two political parties got along better?"

"No," she says, "I really don’t.”

Alright, maybe we’re always this worn out on Election Day.  Maybe the Democrats and Republicans have never been great at compromise, and maybe we’ve always found the value of agreeing to disagree.

Our differences are clear—we’ve learned that over the past year. But we CAN learn to put them all aside, right?

“It took a long time!" Bateson laughed. "It took a long time!”

A few more hours, then it’s time to let go…

“Absolutely," says voter John Sprole. "There’s gotta be more to life than this.”

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