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SOMETHING NICE: Can We Be Friends, Again?

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It’s hard to remember when it all began.  One year ago? Maybe two?  Well it definitely ENDS Tuesday, and we’ll all have to learn how to be friends, again. 

So let’s practice.

Can you say something nice about President Obama?

"Uh," Nathan, an Urbandale voter thought hard, "he’s...he's tried hard, I guess.”

How about Mitt Romney?

"Um…I wish him luck," said Lee Thilman.

It’s not easy for Thilman, he’s campaigning for Obama. 

Over at the Romney office, Suz Vanderwelt was also struggling to say something nice.

“I will honestly say that our president appears to genuinely be a…can we cut that?”

Suz tried once more.

“I think President Obama truly loves his wife and his children and is a very devoted family man," she said. "I think that’s very clear. And I appreciate that.

That was the best she could do.

It’s been a contentious campaign, no one will argue with that.  We’ve been defending our core principles and feeding our inner lust for competition.   

Maybe it’s gone on too long.

“Absolutely!" laughed Jan Bateson of Urbandale. "I’m tired! We’ve done this for a long time!”

Let’s agree on this: we’re all lucky to have this opportunity every four years—and probably happy it doesn’t come along more often than that.

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