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LUCKY FELINES: Kittens Rescued From Busy Road

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A  shop owner and her co-worker took action after seeing a mother cat trying to cross a busy street with her baby kittens in tow.

Cheryl Horrigam owns Tisket-Tasket at 3232 Hubbell Avenue.

While working with Julie Menary the two noticed a mother cat and her baby kittens were living under the store's porch.

Before the two had a chance to help the kittens they were walking across Hubbell Avenue with busy traffic buzzing by.

Other motorists were able to stop and help the baby kittens.

Unfortunately, the mom and another kitten tried crossing the street again and the mom got hit and killed.

Horrigam said she had to do something and adopted the baby kitten to live in her shop.

“We get her out and play with her a lot, we're not getting much work done, “ says Horrigam.

She says two of the kittens were adopted by one of the passerby who helped save them from traffic.

The other was given to a friend and the fourth will now live at Tisket-Tasket.

“The Mama kitty was wild, and we didn't we just didn't want them to be wild, so we had to save them,” says Horrigam.

The shop is holding a Christmas open house on November 5th-9th, and will be having a contest to name the baby kitten.

For one dollar you can put in a name suggestion.  The shop will be donating all the money raised to the Animal Rescue League.