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MORNING BUZZ:Nominee, Contrast and Farewell

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Good Morning


I hope you all will enjoy these last two days of nice weather before we fall off the forecast cliff.




I’ve met Charles Schneider a few times.  He seems like a good guy and a dedicated and enthusiastic public servant.  That said, I am shocked Republicans didn’t choose Pat Ward’s Husband to run for that seat.  It’s not like the guy is a political novice…he runs the West Des Moines School Board.  I think it would have been appropriate to let him serve out the term that, let’s remember, his wife won election night.  Who better to carry out Ward’s wishes than her husband?  There is no report of John Ward’s reaction to not being picked so I can’t say if he is upset about it.  There may be political realities I am unaware of…




Two stories struck me as stark contrasts.  Aleena Coe’s Mom would probably do ANYTHING to have five minutes back with her two year-old daughter. She died this week after being in a coma for months.  Contrast that with Paul and Joann Drake who allegedly locked their kids in the basement for three weeks as punishment.  


I can attest, as a parent, sometimes you want to throttle your kids…they can be impossible…and I don’t even have teenagers.  But, I’ve learned quickly that I set the tone.  I am the adult.  Children sometimes don’t know how to control their emotions and I’m sure they won’t always be making the best decisions into their teenage years.  But, I am the adult.  I have to act like it as the parent. 


It would appear based only on the allegations, that the Drake’s did not act like the adult and didn’t take the more difficult responsibility of teaching their kids that they love them and care about them even when I am frustrated or angry at their actions and decisions. 


I can’t imagine what Eleena’s Mom thought when she heard about the accusations against the Drake’s.




A lot has been said about John Bachman’s retirement.  Tonight is his last night “in the chair”.  If you’ve seen what people have said there are some recuring themes.  John is a leader through actions.  He sets a standard we can all aspire to.  He has been a solid foundation for this station through thick and some thin years.  I’m not sure where we’d be right now if not for his ability to remain steady through a lot of changes. I know I speak for the rest of the Morning crew (aka, the people who never see John) when I say that we wish he and Barb the best.  Hopefully this means a few more golf outings next Summer!  Good Luck John!


Have a great Day!