NEW REQUIREMENTS: DM Police Applications

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The Des Moines Police Department is changing a policy that will open the door to more future officers.

Until recently anyone applying to become a Des Moines Police officer was required to have at least 15 college credits.

“So at this point it's just a high school education or GED, this will allow military veterans and other individuals who haven't had an opportunity to attend college to apply for the position and be considered, says Heather Brady from the city of Des Moines’ Human Resources Department.

The city says it's changing the requirements to open up the candidate pool to people who still may have experience - just not in the classroom.

“I think without a doubt it will increase, the number of applicants we have in general, part of the attraction, part of the benefit for those who have life experience that isn't quantified necessarily with college credits now have the opportunity to apply with us,” says Sgt. Jason Halifax with the Des Moines Police Department.

The department says the initial application process shouldn't keep people from applying.

Potential officers are put through rigorous testing, with a focus on things that deal more with one's ability not past education.

“Once they start the application process, there's a physical agility test, a written test, background check, polygraph, as well as interviews, so hopefully we have a bigger pool to choose from, from those and get candidates that before couldn't apply for jobs here,” says Sgt. Halifax.

The Des Moines Police Department is taking applications for officer positions right now.

This will be the first set of applicants to apply under the new requirements.

To apply visit,

The position will remain open until December 5th.