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UI ACCUSATIONS: Trading Tickets For Sexual Favors

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A University of Iowa advisor resigned this week after he was accused of providing football tickets and money in exchange for sexual favors.

According to the Iowa City Press Citizen, University of Iowa associate director of Athletic Student Services and director of academic advising and counseling Peter Gray resigned this week amidst accusations that he allegedly provided football tickets and money in exchange for sexual favors and that he inappropriately touched student athletes. 

Allegations in the six-page internal report include making sexual comments in a presentation to recruits and their parents and touching a student’s genitals. 

Gray was employed by the University’s Athletics Department from 1993 to 1995 and again from 2002 until his resignation on Monday.  Most recently, his duties included one-on-one counseling to members of the UI women’s basketball, men’s golf and men’s and women’s swimming teams. 

The reports indicate that the behavior began during his first employment with the University and continued during his latest employment. 

According to the report, Gray also had inappropriate photographs on his work computer that included two that involved individuals engaged in sex acts with toys or stuffed animals, numerous pictures of college-aged individuals posing in swimsuits and a few of individuals dressed in underwear.

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*Courtesy of the Press Citizen.