TOUGH TIMES: Food Bank Fights High Food Prices

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Iowa families say they’re paying higher prices, each time they go to the grocery store.

“Fresh produce has gone up. I tend to buy more things that are on sale,” said Des Moines resident, Penny Ferguson.

“I buy a lot of fresh foods and I notice that they’re going up considerably,” said Chris Bowman, a shopper.

The Food Bank of Iowa has far more than a family of four to feed.

The organization distributed more than 8.9 million pounds of food in 2011.

“A lot of it is donated product. We also distribute the USDA commodities for the state,” said Carey Miller, the executive director of the Food Bank of Iowa.

It’s a job that gets more difficult as food prices go up, and in 2011, they did just that.

Food prices rose 4% according to the USDA.

Miller says she’s noticed it on the warehouse shelves.

“As we need to purchase food and pay higher prices, it cuts into our supplies.”

It’s made the organizations biggest food drive, Combat Hunger more important than ever.

Miller is hoping that schools, business, and families will dig deep on Thursday and Friday and give desperately needed cash and food donations to those in need.

“If you give a dollar to the food bank, we can turn it into quite a bit of food.”

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