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MURPHY’S LAW: Boiler Up, Texas Beatdown, 20/20 Vision

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By: John Sears

Iowa football is no longer in a tailspin.  The Hawkeyes have crash landed and exploded.  0-5 Purdue marched in to Kinnick stadium and completely dominated Iowa.  The Boilermakers racked up almost twice as much yardage as Iowa.  The worst run defense in the Big 10 held the Hawks to a whopping 74 on the ground.

Leave it to Iowa to throw a 1 yard out pass on 4th and 3, with the game on the line.  Inexcusable, from all parties.  How you don’t have EVERY receiver run PAST the first down marker is beyond me.  Instead, throw a 1 yard pass to your emergency fullback (Zach Derby) out of the backfield and ‘hope’ he can break a tackle.  Unbelievable. 

Take away Ferentz’ first 2 seasons and this is the worst under Kirk, no question.  Yes, by far worse than 2007.  Iowa is 4-6, in a down Big 10 conference.  The Hawks have lost to Central Michigan, Indiana, Northwestern, and Purdue, all in the same year.  

Iowa State has 2 chances to make a bowl game, Kansas and West Virginia.  Saturday against Texas was not encouraging.

ISU’s offense is struggling mightily.  7 points will not get it done, in any league, let alone the Big 12.  10 different players caught a pass from Steele Jantz, that’s encouraging.  277 total yards and 7 points is not. 

The defense is now giving up tons of yardage, not good.  Texas racked up 609 yards, this is not a dominating Longhorn offense. 

The Clones are a 6 1/2 point favorite at Kansas.  What????  Anyone else surprised at this?  I certainly don’t think Kansas is a great team, they’re 1-9.  But, the Jayhawks lost in OT to Texas Tech , by 4 to Texas, and by 6 to Oklahoma State. They’ve also been blown out, but they’ve shown they CAN play with good teams.  Ask yourself, would you put a paycheck on Iowa State -6 1/2 on the road at Kansas?  

The Heisman trophy is Collin Klein’s to lose.  I think the Wildcats will play for a national title.  

I had to get contacts this week.  I’ve never worn any sort of eyewear in 31 years.  No doubt, they help.  I’m officially getting old.   

I turned 31 on Saturday.  My gift was watching Iowa blow a game against Purdue, not really a gift.  But, it ended with dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my wife, stuffing my face full of cheese fries, pulled pork, bread, baked potato, a big beer and grasshopper pie from Baskin Robbins for dessert.  Not a bad day. 

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