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MURPHY’S LAW: Iowa Basketball>Football, Skyfall>Wreck It Ralph

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Keno Davis can’t stay away from Iowa. No matter where he goes, there he is.

Keno’s Central Michigan team used the Dr. Tom sub system to give Iowa trouble early, but the Hawks superior talent wore the Chippewas down. This isn’t football. Iowa beats the directional Michigan schools in hoops.

Mike Gesell is fun to watch. Just a freshman–he’ll have long nights–but Gesell’s good.

The Big Ten Network reportedly had its game announcers calling Iowa vs Central Michigan from a studio in Chicago. There has to be a logical explanation for this beyond cost-cutting. If not, I’ll anchor from my living room by the end of the year.

Iowa State squeeked by Alabama A&M by 58. That’s one of the most lopsided wins in ISU history. That’s not a lot of fun, even for the winners. Cyclone.TV announcers John Walters and Eric Heft sounded like they were a few points away from ranking 50 years of James Bond movies.

Speaking of which, Skyfall is great. An A. Daniel Craig’s self-loathing and quiet intensity has changed the role. He’s believable as a guy who keeps doing the job because he doesn’t have anything or anyone else. Craig is the closest thing I’ve seen to Steve McQueen. Skyfall re-introduces beloved characters missing from recent 007 movies, and pays homage to the classics. Skyfall also gives James Bond a backstory similar to Bruce Wayne’s.

I also saw Wreck It Ralph. I heard adults will enjoy this as much as kids. Not this adult. My boys loved it, but I only liked it. I didn’t think it had the all ages magic of a Toy Story or Incredibles. I’ll give Wreck It Ralph a B. I might have been grumpy.  To keep my promise, I had to take the kids early Sunday afternoon. That’s NFL time.

Drew Tate is still making plays. Watch his most significant touchdown pass since Tate to Holloway by clicking here.

Tate and Ricky Stanzi both now sport long hair. Brad Banks still keeps his hair tight.

Tate, Stanzi, Banks… those three guys never had anything resembling the slump of James Vandenberg. Good guy having a bad season. Really bad.

I think Kirk Ferentz is testy, in part, because he’s not sure what’s wrong. He doesn’t have the answer for why Iowa is getting worse instead of better. This is the low, but it will feel worse in two weeks.

I thought Rob Howe of Hawkeye Insider.com asked Ferentz fair questions after the loss to Purdue, and I don’t blame Ferentz for being emotional. Losing sucks.

If you check back a month on this blog, you’ll read me questioning whether Iowa would get off the mat after that beatdown by Penn State. We have an answer.

Iowa State will finish below .500 in the Big 12 yet again. It wasn’t long ago it seemed this team might break through that brutal schedule, but the reality of the talent gap, especially compared to the teams from the southwest, brought the season back to earth. ISU better go all in Saturday because I guarantee Kansas thinks it’s going to win.

Phil Jackson overplayed his hand. Never underestimate the ego of a big-time coach. Especially one with 11 rings.

Tommy Tuberville humiliated an assistant coach. The assistant showed more restraint than I would have.

-Keith Murphy @murphykeith






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