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STUDENTS REACT: Word Of Accusations Spread

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The University of Iowa still isn't talking about Dr. Peter Gray's resignation, but students on campus, and a former athlete advised by Gray, are talking.

Peter Gray worked for the University of Iowa Athletics Department for more than 11 years, collectively, until last Monday, when he stepped down from his position as a senior academics advisor.

According to documents obtained by the Iowa City Press Citizen, he had a very specific reason behind his resignation: the documents show the university accused gray of trading tickets and money for sexual favors, and harassing students.

Channel 13 spoke directly with a former Hawkeye football player, who prefers not to be named. He was assigned Gray as his academic advisor from the fall of 2009 to the fall of 2010. The athlete had weekly appointments with Gray. Not only did he say he wasn't surprised by the allegations, he says he witnessed some of them. The former athlete says gray was "always rubbing players shoulders,” and that many students, players and even coaches were uncomfortable with how "forward" and "touchy" he was. The athlete also says Gray "was a bad academic advisor,” and said that was a common opinion.

University officials said because it is a personal and internal matter, they aren’t commenting on the allegations. Some student’s however, don’t necessarily agree with those tactics, and wish more would come out about the allegations.

“They shouldn't try to hide it from anyone, they should just be open about,” said Carly Pace, a University of Iowa student.

“I think it's important for the university to make sure they're forth coming, and being open to the student body, and frankly the thousands of staff members they have because it is a big deal,” said U of I student, Aaron Mueller.

For some students, the concern isn't only about what has happened but how it could now affect them all in the future.  Jimmy Menges, a U of I student said, “It could affect our reputation as a whole as a school, and how we do in sports. Hopefully it won't affect us too much.”

“I think it's more of how the school handles it is how the reputation is going to change,” said Pace.  And right now, he school is choosing to handle it with a private internal investigation.

To look at the University's policy on sexual harassment in more detail, click here.

For the school's guide to dealing with victims of sexual assault and misconduct, click here.

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