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GOVERNOR’S BIRTHDAY: Celebration for Branstad

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Governor Branstad met with Senator Rubio at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this past summer. His staff says when he returned from the trip he wanted to have the senator speak at his birthday, and he accepted right away. In tonight's speech the senator told the crowd the rest of the country can learn a lot from Iowa.

Senator Rubio said this was his first chance to he had to speak in front of a crowd since the election. He said he is disappointed in the outcome of the election and the direction our country is headed. Senator Rubio said to grow the country’s middle class; we need limited government and free enterprise. Governor Branstad also took the stage for a few minutes thanking the crowd for helping him celebrate his 66th birthday. The dinner was a campaign fundraiser but one of his staff members said that doesn't mean the governor's running for re-election.

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