LOOKING AHEAD: Rubio Bidding For Presidency Already?

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio

The 2012 election is just behind us, but some folks are already looking to the future, saying the 2016 race for the White House began this weekend right here in Iowa.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio visited Saturday, speaking at the Governor’s 66th birthday bash. Rubio was the headline of the Altoona event which raised money for the Branstad campaign.

It’s well known that Rubio is considering a run for the White House.

The day after his visit, he made sure people knew he was in Iowa, tweeting that he enjoyed his time here.

Rubio says he knows his party still has a lot of work to do during the next four years.

He told Channel 13 at the Branstad bash, “I think there are millions of Americans out there that are just trying to get ahead in life, like my parents were, and what they’re looking for is some good news.  We have to do a better job of convincing folks that it’s limited government and free enterprise that will allow them to do better and get ahead.”

That was the first time Senator Rubio spoke in front of an audience since the election.

The Governor’s event raised $600,000 for his campaign