MURPHY’S LAW: Sam I am, Wolverine Woes, No Show Royce

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By: John Sears

The Iowa State Cyclones have found their Quarterback.  Sam Richardson torched Kansas in his debut and led the Cyclones to bowl eligibility.  Now, it was 1-10 Kansas, keep that in mind.  But, what I saw from Richardson (yes I was there in person in Lawrence) was a composed QB.  The reason Richardson should be the ISU starting QB is simple, accuracy.  Jantz and Barnett both lack the accuracy a starting QB needs, Richardson does not.  He had just as many passing TD’s as incompletions, four.  He puts the ball where it needs to be.  I’ll be shocked if anyone besides #12 starts at QB against West Virginia.  

I love the fact that Paul Rhoads was willing to give Richardson a chance.  Crazy how a backup might actually be worthy of playing more, hmmmmmm….

Kansas’ Memorial stadium reminded me of a slightly larger Drake Stadium.  It’s easy to tell the Jayhawks aren’t pouring a lot of $$$ in to their football program, or facilities.   

The Hawkeyes’ miserable season is about to come to an end.  I still think they’re playing hard, but I think even the players have come to the conclusion they aren’t very good.  Their overall talent level has taken a massive hit the last 2 years, and unfortunately I don’t see a quick fix.   

Nebraska comes to Kinnick stadium with a chance to wrap up a spot in the Big 10 title game.  I bet a fourth of Kinnick Stadium is red, if not more.

I don’t understand what Royce White is doing on Twitter, besides digging himself a deeper hole.  I certainly have sympathy for his anxiety issues but I don’t think ranting and raving on Twitter is going to help.  Royce needs to realize that the NBA is a business and there needs to be give and take on both sides.  I applaud him for standing up for his health and what he believes in, but I don’t think he’s going at it in the right way.  He’s likely costing himself a lot of $$$ and a chance with another team. 

I watched Ankeny win the state football title on Friday.  Great game, tons of drama.  Seeing tears of joy stream down Jerry Pezzetti’s face was an awesome sight.  Football is his life, Ankeny football is his life.  Winning that game meant so much to him and the community.  He’s a great guy and deserved that storybook ending…If in fact, it is the end.