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BREAK INS: Three Arrested In Des Moines

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Three people, including a minor, are in police custody accused of a string of burglaries.

Des Moines police were called to the 3500 block of Southeast 3rd Street around 11:00 a.m. after a homeowner reported someone trying to kick in his backdoor.

While police were responding they received two more burglary reports just a few blocks away. Police spotted three suspects in the neighborhood and caught up to them after a short chase.

Brian Lage made the initial burglary report. He says he considered dealing with the burglars himself but he’s glad he left it up to police.

“I did go out my back door with my ball bat but then when I saw that there was two of them I thought well we better call the police on this one. They did a fantastic job, these men and women jumped right on it. They covered this whole area and they got ‘em. I’m very proud, very proud of them all. Good police force,” says Lage.

Zana Johnson and Teagues Kabeion, both 18-years-old, are in custody. A juvenile male was also arrested.

Police say one of the suspects bit an officer as he tried to make an arrest.

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