MORNING BUZZ: Monday’s Random Thoughts

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Good Morning!

I hope you had a good weekend.

The news slows down considerably post-election.  Now we talk about shopping and consumer trends and consumer safety etc…No surprise then that this morning’s blog is a combination of some of the silly news in the headlines and some random thoughts from the weekend.

The Naked Truth

I woke up to an article that told me San Francisco is planning on banning public nudity.  I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.  Apparently there are a lot more people than I would think that really WANT to walk down the streets of San Francisco naked.  The City Council is talking about putting a ban in place and that sparked some protests…including a naked protest both at a meeting and in front of City Hall.

That’s not even what really struck me about the story.  What really got me was the guy who introduced the ordinance that would make it illegal to be naked.  It’s Supervisor Scott Wiener. No joke…though its still funny to a guy with the last name Dix.

The other is that there are two kind of people who like to walk around naked….the purists who just don’t like clothes that much…and the show-offs who have altered their…well…package..and want the world to see the work.  Can’t make this stuff up.


We’re trying to find a new couch…really new furniture to sit around and watch TV on.  It’s been a process.  Who knew there were so many kinds of couches to sit on?  I didn’t.  I inherited the couch I currently sit on from my wife’s college collection.  It’s been 15 years since she bought the stuff and it’s not broken or worn…we just need a change of scenery.

So we went to Homemakers.  I’m convinced this is where they filmed that last shot in the firstIndiana Jones Movie.  In fact I think we saw a nice little Arc of the Covenant coffee table in the Smith Brothers collection.  Seriously, it’s total overload.  We have been working with a really nice…and very patient woman.  The Pope is putting her up for canonization after she makes the sale.


Kudos to the good folks at Nick’s in Clive.  Sally and I used to eat there more often when we lived in Urbandale.  We spent a very nice evening sitting at the bar, splitting a cheeseburger and making vacation plans after our couch hunt.  The food and the atmosphere is exactly what I like when I go out for a meal.


That’s how I felt playing golf Sunday.  After a morning of running around and doing a lot of the errands we needed to do to prepare for Thanksgiving, I asked and Sally said it wouldn’t be a problem if I went out and played while the boys napped.  I thought there would be a few other diehards but I got caught behind a gaggle.  Three Dads brought their collection of kids out to the golf course.  Four young boys in a foursome ahead of the three Dads and  two young girls who were along for the ride.

I totally support this kind of outing…especially late in the season.  It’s exactly the time to get kids out…take your time…play at a slower pace and get them a positive experience.

Here’s the problem. I was by myself.  I just wanted to play fast.  I stood on the first tee and watched both groups tee off and then caught them on every shot and waited.  I said a pleasant hello as I sat there on each tee…watched them tee off and walk off without asking if I’d like to play through.  Finally, when one of the Dad’s had to take his daughter to the bathroom on the Seventh tee, I asked if I could play through.  “The group in front of us isn’t going very fast”  the guy says to me.  “But they’re your kids right?”, I said.  He said yes…and I told him it was no problem…I’d get past them quickly.  I played the rest of the 18 in less than an hour and a half.

One of the things I hope I do when I get my kids out to the golf course is teach them etiquette FIRST.  If you are playing slowly…you let the group behind play through.  You let them hit off the tee with you and then let them pass.

It’s the place where golf teaches kids courtesy.  For the record, the kids were VERY polite as they let me through.

I hope you have a great start to a short week.


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