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MURPHY’S LAW: Jack Taylor Scores 138 Points In One Game. Wait, What?

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138 points. In one basketball game. By one man. Doesn’t seem possible. But it happened.

Grinnell’s Jack Taylor, a 5’10” sophomore guard, scored an NCAA-record 138 points Tuesday night in a 179-104 win over Faith Baptist.

Taylor looks like he just walked out of the movie “Hoosiers”. However, he’s from Wisconsin, not Indiana. And now he’ll be forever known as “Grinnell College’s Jack Taylor”.

138 points. That’s Wilt Chamberlain’s iconic mark plus 38.

100? Slacker.

Taylor took an astounding 108 shots, making 52. He swished 27 threes, which is a good season for many college players. So how in the wide world of sports does one man score 138 in one game? Start with Grinnell head coach David Arseneault.

Arseneault runs what he calls The System. The System requires his team shoot nearly 100 field goals a game, half of which should be threes. Arseneault is not looking for lock-down defenders or big men in the post. He wants shooters.

Tuesday night, the Grinnell Pioneers went all in on getting Taylor points. The rest of the team only took 28 shots. Taylor had zero assists. Though The System usually subs in players five at a time, like a hockey line change, Taylor played 36 minutes.

The effort worked. Taylor quickly appeared on ESPN, and I took phone calls from producers at NBC, NBC Sports Network, and Comcast. They all wanted to know if we had video of the game. I said we had gone to the game in Ames, but if we’d known Jack Taylor would score 138, we’d have been in Grinnell.

By 10:15 p.m., Jack Taylor was trending worldwide on Twitter.

138 points. Even in Grinnell’s “System”, with teammates all thinking assists not points, 138 boggles the mind.

Tough luck guy of the night: Faith Baptist Bible’s David Larson. Larson scored 70 points, and no one noticed.