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EARLY START: Shoppers Get Jump On Black Friday

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Shoppers didn't wait until Black Friday to start their shopping. Some started their Black Friday festivities on Thanksgiving.

With stores like Target, Walmart and Kmart all opening early, there were a lot of deals to be had.

Before Thanksgiving leftovers were put away, shoppers were out snapping up early Black Friday deals.

“Skylanders, ping pong table, TV, kids pajamas that we go through every year.  Every six months because they grow. Um, anything and everything pretty much.  We have a list of about 15 different things,” said Samantha Tucker-Sieberg.

Kevin Kuhn and Samantha started their shopping at 8:00 Thursday night at Walmart.

Along with a list of items to buy, they had a lot of stops to make.

"Kmart, Toys R Us, Younkers and possibly Sears.  And then I'd like to do Menards in the morning,” says Tucker-Sieberg.

While Samantha and Kevin shopped the sales at Walmart, people were lining up outside the Target in Urbandale for its 9:00 p.m. opening.

Once the doors opened, shoppers headed for the deals.

"This is always when you have the biggest rush.  Just because everybody's waiting out in line.  Just anticipating all the great deals and they want to get everything first.  Otherwise it just continues throughout the rest of today,” says Meghan Behrens with Target.

Target offered big savings on TV's, movies and gaming systems, but it's not only the early birds that are going to find deals.

"It's not just for the people who came in at 9 p.m.  It's for anybody who's coming in for the rest of the day.  So we have all these opportunities for guests to be able to get in here at the time that works best for them,” says Behrens.

Whether you were an early bird or are waiting for the lines to clear, there is one way to make sure you have a positive shopping experience.

"Say please and thank you every five seconds.  Otherwise somebody's not going to be happy,” says Slamantha Tucker-Sieberg.

Walmart didn't have a line waiting outside for its 8:00 p.m. deals, because the store was already open.

Target did have a big line, but it was all very organized.