MARKET DAY: Des Moines’ Black Friday Alternative

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Even though small business owners have their own day to rake in the holiday cash, some say they are using Black Friday as reminder that people can shop local any day of the year.

“There’s a lot of talk of small business Saturdays recently and it makes me pretty angry to be honest, they talk about It like it`s the only days during the year where you should be shopping locally and I like options like black Friday as a time to re enforce that this kind of shopping,” said Cat Rocketship, the director of Market Day.

"Market Day” is a local shopping option offered in Des Moines on the busiest shopping day of the year. Organizers say besides the fact that the money spent goes back into the community; it's also a way to avoid the endless lines, crowds and early hours while still finding unique gifts for everyone on your list.

Some vendors and shoppers say they specifically chose to participate in Market Day as a way to fight this year’s extra early shopping hours. Some shoppers said they don’t like the idea of cutting Thanksgiving short to shop.

“I think it gets out of control. The holiday season gets out of control in general, and at some point you have to draw the line, so I think it’s up to the consumer to draw that line. We can send messages to businesses and vote with our dollars and use our money for what we feel is important to us,” said Kiki Broberg, a vendor who participated in Market Day.

More than 1,400 shoppers came to market day this year. That's 600 less than last year.