WALMART PROTEST: Support For Workers

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Some Walmart employees threatened to walk off the job on Thursday, upset about the retail giant’s decision to open at 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

In Des Moines, a small handful of people picketed to show their support for those workers.

 “Our mutual feeling and this is the standard throughout the country from what we’ve heard is that they start this earlier and earlier and rob their employees of family time,” says Jeffrey Craig.

None of the protestors were actually Walmart employees.

Some are union members, who say they want workers, and shoppers, to be aware of the issue.

“I’m a reformed Black Friday shopper I used to be one that would go out and shop, now I want to support local businesses, small businesses,” says Marti Doyle.

Protestors say it’s not just about the holiday hours, they’re protesting the company’s practices in general.

The picket line slowed down an already packed parking lot, as picketers handed out flyers traffic slowed down even more.

Some shoppers honked or shouted their support to the cause — and then went inside to shop for deals.