BARGAIN SHOPPING: Cashing In On Cyber Monday

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There are no lines, no crowds and no shortage of deals.  Shoppers always find holiday deals on Cyber Monday.

“I do Black Friday for a lot of home goods and I do Cyber Monday, I get good gifts,” says shopper Courtney Tompkins.

Tompkins likes a good bargain.   She doesn’t just want free shipping on Cyber Monday, she wants freebies.

“I got a Thundershirt for my foster dog and it came with dog toys and a stocking,” she says.

Tompkins likes the website  That's where she found some of the best Cyber Monday deals at national chains and local retailers.

“For everyone $100 you spend you get $20 free either to add to the gift or keep it as your own,” says Mindy Ponsetto.

Shoppers are taking advantage of the holiday discount at the East Village Spa.  On a typical Monday, the spa sells a handful of gift cards.   On Cyber Monday, they've already rung up more than 20.

The state of Iowa is cashing in on Cyber Monday.

“Find a good bargain.  Find a good Christmas present,” says Iowa Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald.

For the first time, the Treasurer’s Office is auctioning off unclaimed property on eBay.

“We’ve spent over the last seven years looking for these people and we can’t find them and so the law requires us to sell it,”  says Fitzgerald.

The highest bidder can get a deal on a diamond ring or coin collection.  The state's vault is full of items from abandoned safe deposits boxes.

“Whether it’s Grandpa’s pocket watch or a box of rocks or gold teeth, you just never know what you’re gonna pull out of a lock box,” says Fitzgerald.

The bidding started Monday morning and lasts for one week.  We put a link to the Iowa Treasurer's eBay auction under "Seen On 13".