MURPHY’S LAW: Bye bye Chiz, Stop Ripping on Jack, Notre Dame

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By: John Sears

Auburn fired Gene Chizik on Sunday.  That’s life in college football.  It’s all about what you’ve done lately, and lately Auburn is one of the worst teams in the country.  Winless in the SEC will put you on the hot seat, and likely get you fired.  Hard to believe that 2 years ago Chizik was hoisting the national championship trophy with Cam Newton. 

If Hawkeye fans think Iowa has slipped, think about Auburn.  The Tigers didn’t even have a pulse this year.  How is that even possible?  Do you know the kind of recruits Auburn can get?  It’s HARD to go winless in the SEC at Auburn. 

The Iowa football season is over.  I was hoping for an upset of Nebraska to end, but it ended just as many thought it would, with a James Vandenberg INT.  I feel bad for JVB.  He didn’t want his Senior year to end like this. 

Iowa State will be going to a bowl game, but at 6-6 the Cyclones wanted more.  ISU just can’t seem to get to the next level.  They’re incredibly close, but every time the door opens they can’t seem to walk through. 

There are a lot of high level football coaching vacancies.  If I’m an AD, Paul Rhoads is on my short list.

Grinnell’s Jack Taylor scored 138 points this week against Faith Baptist.  138!!!!!  For those that want to rip Jack for shooting too much, or running up the score, or destroying the game of basketball…Can we please just back off the ledge for a moment?  Seriously?  Why can’t we just celebrate an incredible feat?  Someone always has to rain on the parade.  Yes, we get it.  Jack is not a division 1 player, he plays for a gimmicky offense, he took 108 shots, he did it against a school that won’t win many games this year. Yes, we get all of that.  But still, 138 points is 138 points.  That’s frickin’ awesome.

Notre Dame will be playing for a national championship.  This will be the highest rated (TV) college football watched game of all-time.  When the Irish played USC Saturday night it drew a bigger rating than last year’s Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl combined.  Love ’em or hate ’em Notre Dame brings the viewers.