MAYOR THREAT: Arrested Independence Mayor Warns Officer

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A police recording is providing new information into the arrest of Independence Mayor Carl Scharff.

Scharff was arrested on November 16th at the Majestic Bar and Grill charged with public intoxication, harassment of a public officer, and interference with official acts.

Officers say Scharff became combative and resisted being handcuffed during an investigation into a fight at the bar.

Scharff then had this to say while making a phone call from the Buchanan County jail, “Your buddy, Wingnut, arrested me for interfer — supposedly — interference with official acts. So I’m up here at the Buchanan County jail” adding, “he`s messed with me too many times. Now it`s my turn, and I’m coming.”

The person Mayor Scharff refers to as Wingnut is Officer David Winger, an 11-year veteran of the Independence police department.

 Investigators say Scharff was not involved in the fight that led to the initial call to police.