MILITARY SENDOFF: Officers Head To Honduras

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Sunday morning saw 40 Iowa soldiers leave their families at home to answer the call of duty.

The 186th military police company is leaving for a mission in Honduras to train police officers.  They'll go to provide security and other support during the mission.

The soldiers are part of Joint Task Force- Bravo. Among other things, they will be fighting transnational organized crime.

 The MP’s have provided security around the world, but this is the first time Iowa National Guard has deployed long-term to Central America.

The men and women said goodbye to family and friends at a sendoff at Camp Dodge.

Departing officer, Garth Green spoke of the impact on his children, “They know that daddy is going to play army for a while and he's going to protect everybody from bad guys.”

Dressed up just like his dad, 4 years old Noah knows the drill. So does his big sister, Kimberley, “My dad is going to do cop stuff.”

It's their dad's 4th deployment with the National Guard.

Green added, “It's a lot different once they came along, it makes a big difference.”

The soldiers will spend the next two months training at Fort Bliss, Texas. They’re expected to spend seven months on the ground in Honduras.