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Morning Buzz: Brooke’s Back and Broken Glass

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Good Morning!

We had a heck of a weekend in our house.  more on that in a minute…  This week we got Brooke back from her maternity leave.

I’m sure there were some mixed emotions getting up at two in the morning to get back in the chair…but it was like she didn’t skip a beat this morning.  We are so fortunate to work with many talented people on TII and I count Brooke among them.  We are also lucky to have had the help of Megan Reuther while Brooke’s been gone.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know Megan better these last 12 weeks.  

As for our weekend, it ended with a bang…or a crash.  Yesterday afternoon, I was upstairs and heard some glass break…I thought…that’s not good…then I heard Will scream.  My parents talk about knowing the difference between a scream…and a real scream.  Now I know what they mean.window  

Will made a run for the playroom and got his feet tangled as he got near the french doors between the playroom and the dining room.  He tripped and his hand went right through the lowest pane of glass on the french doors.  

I may have fractured a few traffic laws dropping his brother at Grandma’s house then speeding over to the Blank ER but we all got there safely.   They got us right in and worked hard to make sure the cut that looked so bad to us wasn’t anything serious.  It wasn’t.  Just a deep cut that needed some stitches.  Will did not appreciate being sewn up with a fish-hook but overall he was a trooper.  Now we have to figure out how to get a three year-old to keep the bandage on for five days.  Will

I can’t say enough about the staff at Blank and the way they treated us all.  Will even went home with a toy!  He’s pretty excited…I’m trying to convince him he doesn’t need to get hurt to get a present.  

Hopefully our week gets better from here.  

I hope you had a good weekend!


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