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PUMP PROMOS: Grocery Stores Help Drivers Save

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You could pay as little as a penny for a gallon of gasoline as two metro grocery chains try to ease the pain at the pump.

Dahl's rolled out its My Ways to Save program last month. CEO David Sinnwell says, “Everybody buys groceries, everybody buys fuel.” He says shoppers save at the pump based on how much they spend in the store. So, if you spend $50 on groceries, you'll save four cents a gallon, nine cents on a $100 shopping trip, 15 cents on a $150 trip.

Sinnwell says the points will stay on your card for 60 days and eventually gas could be as little as a penny a gallon. He says, "It's truly a reward program. We haven't changed our pricing in the stores. It's just really a reward for our frequent shoppers."

Hy-Vee's Fuel Saver program starts Tuesday. Hy-Vee Spokeswoman Ruth Comer says their program is also meant to reward shoppers. She says, “We also think it will attract new customers because there is something pretty enticing getting a discount on gasoline."

Comer says shoppers can look for special grocery items marked with fuel savings. She says if you buy one of each item in the special ad, you can save $2 or more a gallon. She says the average shopper in test markets saved 28-cents a gallon. But, she says, “Savings of 60 to 80 cents a gallon aren’t uncommon, and some customers that really go after it and try to maximize their savings have been able to get gas for just a penny a gallon.”

Hy-Vee shoppers can use the Fuel Saver card at any Hy-Vee gas station as well as Casey's. Dahl's shoppers can use the program at the store's two fuel huts and any metro Quick Trip.

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