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TEACHING FLOODS: Remember, Learn, Change

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The floods of 2008 and 2010 left their mark on Iowa. The devastation caused in dozens of communities is still being felt today. Some Iowa teachers want to take those experiences and help their students learn from them.

That’s why Trudy Kimble and 34 other teachers from across the state spent the weekend as students at the University of Iowa. “When you learn about your own environment, and your effect on that environment as well as your reaction to that environment it’s empowering for students,” Kimble said.

The group was working to find ways of integrating Iowa’s historic floods into their day-to-day classes through science, history, math, and civics lessons.

The teachers also learned how to use the students’ own experiences as part of classroom discussions. “Our experiences are our education,” said Greg Hamot, UI Professor of Social Studies Education. “They experienced this and their parents experienced this and their communities experienced this.”

The institute was part of the University of Iowa’s Living with Floods 2013 project, which is designed to help remember the floods, celebrate progress, and raise awareness on how to prevent devastation in the future. 

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