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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Another Tough Chick

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The tough chick I’m writing about today has been in the fight of her life for a year and a half and she and her family could use your prayers, and if you’re able – your help.

If you don’t remember Kelsey Michelsen from SE Polk, you can watch her story here.  She’s in the ICU at Blank right now.  I saw her this afternoon and her folks say she’s doing better than she was when she was admitted yesterday, but the roller coaster ride continues.

The students and staff at SEP and the entire community continue to rally … here’s what dance coach Marianne Mayo wrote to me about the latest fundraiser:

“At the game this Friday, we’re going to wear our new sweatshirts that we sold to the community.  The game is going to be a “pink and purple-out,” and people are supposed to wear their “Team Kelsey” shirts (either the purple tshirts or the new pink sweatshirts) if they have them, or any pink/purple if they do not. 

We are also doing a 50/50 raffle.  People can purchase tickets and then we do a drawing at halftime.  Whoever wins the drawing gets 50% of the amount of money collected, and the other 50% goes to Kelsey’s family for expenses.”