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MORNING BUZZ: Cameras, Contrarians, and Ready to Snap?

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Good Morning!


I get it.  Some of you don’t agree with the concept of a government deploying cameras to enforce the law.  I understand the argument but as more and more Governments decide to use these things…it’s becoming clear they’re here to stay.  

I’ve never found the energy to be offended at the cameras.  They are targeting a specific enforcement…and while I don’t believe the only motivation for the cameras is safety…i think they have brought speed down…especially on the interstate.  That makes it harder for Windsor Heights to justify the,m  Have you ever seen anyone going more than about 35 in Windsor Heights?  Are there a lot of accidents?  Significantly more than other parts of University?  I could be wrong but I doubt it.  The bottom line is the bottom line here.  Cities like Windsor Heights need revenue and no one wants to raise property taxes.  So this is how they will get money.

If you still object…I have a questions:  How far over the speed limit do you have to drive?  No one will get a fine if they don’t speed…and I mean SPEED through Windsor Heights.  So don’t and it will be as if these cameras don’t exist.  


Republicans countered The President’s Fiscal Cliff offer with their own.  It was predictable in that it didn’t include any tax increase for higher earners.  This may be the thing Republicans hold on to in order to get true entitlement reform.  

Either way Republicans are still fitting themselves for the Black hats in this debate.  A survey finds if we go over the “fiscal cliff”, the majority of Americans will find more blame in the GOP than the White House or Congressional Dems.  I don’t buy that…as I’ve written before, there’s plenty of blame to go around.  We’re now hearing from some leaders that the fiscal cliff is more of a guidepost than an actual deadline. That makes me mad…if you can’t get something significant done to change the nation’s fiscal health now…we are headed for some bad times.

There was an interesting article on Huffington Post about why Gov. Romney lost the election.  Make whatever argument you like about that loss and the lost seats in Congress; I think the article’s Central point is that the only person who can get nominated as a Republican these days is someone who expresses such extreme views…they nearly force the middle third of the country to support the other guy.  

“…when you spend four years calling the President of the United States a socialist Nazi Kenyan anti-American terrorist agent of the Devil killing old people and destroying the country, and you whip up your base to a frenzy that moves your party so far to the right that moderates become an endangered species…

…In the middle of a recession, Republicans should have won big. But they created their “#1 Priority.”They created the direction of their party. They created their anti-women, anti-Hispanic, anti-health care, anti-Climate Change, anti-tax the wealthy, pro-legitimate rape agenda.

If you believe that is a creation of the “liberal media” then you miss the point.  A lot of moderate voters just don’t like the tone of the Party right now…too often it looks like a little cup of crazy, not a sensible, stable or in any way inclusive approach to governing.

Ready to Snap?

I got an email yesterday from a viewer who wrote they were changing the channel because I constantly looked like a man who was ready to snap.  It went on to say Megan Reuther looked scared of me…and that Jeriann looks like a nice lady.  Well she is…but I am in no way ready to snap.  I wrote the person back and we actually had a nice exchange of emails.  Rather than be offended by the email I chose to take it to heart.  Maybe I need to just give myself a little kick in the tail.  It’s a good reminder that anyone can get complacent.  Even the negative feedback can be constructive.  Anyway, I hope I helped us hold on to one viewer and I’m going to try to be more pleasant.

I hope you have a good day