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UTILITY SCAMS: Customers Warned To Protect Info

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Iowa utility companies and the Iowa Attorney General's Office are teaming up in hopes of preventing you from being scammed.

“They know human nature pretty well, they know how to play people, they've done it before,” says Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller.

All of Iowa's utility companies are getting reports of scammers targeting Iowans. Just last week four Alliant Energy customers reported scams. Officials say one small business fell for it, losing $500.

MidAmerican Energy says it has received over 200 reports of scams this year.

Authorities are investigating but say it's not easy to catch the criminals because some use throw away cell phones and spoofing technology to hide their real phone numbers.

Officials have some tips to keep in mind to avoid being scammed. Always be wary of incoming call and never give out personal information like credit card or Social Security numbers

If a caller gives you a number to call back, instead get a phone book or go online and find your utility company's numbers and call it back instead.

Also, always report scam attempts to authorities.