PEARL HARBOR: Iowa Veterans Remember

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It’s the 71st anniversary of the date that will live in infamy. December 7th, 1941 is when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

A moment of silence was held Friday in Hawaii, followed by a fly-over marking the exact time when the bombing began. The attack killed about 2,400 people and brought the nation into World War II.

Dignitaries and veterans pledge that future generations would know about those who gave their lives that day.  

Iowa Pearl Harbor survivors and their families met to share their stories Friday morning.

Ninety-two-year-old Clarence Pfundheller of Greenfield was below deck on the USS Maryland when the bombing began. Pfundheller and the sons and daughters of other survivors met at the Gold Star Museum in Johnston Friday morning.

Each year they meet to make sure the effort to remember Iowans’ roll in the historic event isn’t forgotten.

Pfundheller says he enjoys sharing his story. He says he manned a gun during the attack and got away with just minor injuries.

“I burnt a hand picking up a hot shell ‘cause them shells at that time on that M was just like a rifle bullet only it was three foot long and 75 pounds,” says Phundheller.

He says just last December he got to take a trip to Pearl Harbor with a group of college students. His favorite part about the trip was the students.

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