PINK OUT: Hockey Game Honors Girls

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The state is coming together in honoring the two cousins, Lyric and Elizabeth, found dead Wednesday.

On Friday night, the Waterloo Black Hawks had a "pink out" where those in attendance were encouraged to wear pink in memory of the two girls from Evansdale.

Shelley Russel found it was a powerful way to show the families they're not alone, "Elizabeth and Lyric are no longer with us, but they will never be forgotten."

Complete calm descended during the moment of silence at Friday’s Waterloo Black Hawks game.

Before that, fans were greeted with people passing out bracelets in memory of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins.

"It's been important to reach as many people as possible” says family friend, Sara Kipp, “it's just been amazing to see the amount of support there’s been."

For lots of fans, these bracelets served as a fitting accessory to their pink apparel.

Tina Bentley and Shell Rock wanted to show their backing, “This was our way of supporting, you know, their memory and trying to keep the focus out there to try and find out who took them."

The pink-out event was inspired by the two girls’ love of hockey.

"Elizabeth played hockey, Lyric used to come to the hockey games”  explained club president, Doug Miller, “they're part of our family and I hope that they realize that they're part of our family and that we hurt along with them."

 More than 2000 fans showed up to cheer on the Black Hawks and to rally together as a community to show their support for the girls’ families.

“We need to bring justice for them” family friend, Sara Kipp iterated, “We need to make sure this doesn't happen again to other families and we need people to know that when things like that happen in their lives, that there's a whole community that's out there willing to support them."

In Des Moines, there will be a candlelight vigil for the cousins at Gray’s Lake Saturday. It runs from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The public are invited to attend wearing pink.