VIGIL HELD: Metro Residents Mourn Evansdale Girls

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This week, the nearly five month-long search for two missing Evansdale cousins came to an end.

Authorities say they’re confident the remains of two bodies found at seven bridges wildlife park are those of the two girls. However, authorities are awaiting autopsy results for confirmation. 

While the families wait, people across the state are showing their support for the girls’ families. Saturday night, metro supporters are joining together to honor the lives of the two young girls at a candle light vigil.

With candles lit metro residents came together to mourn the loss of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins.

“We were just supporting the family, because we thought it was a sad situation,” says Allysa Benshoof of Pella.

Like many parents across the state, Misty McGrean says the story hits close to home, which is why she decided to take action to help organize this event.

“We’ve been following the story since it happened in July, and it’s affected us greatly since we have children and it’s in our own state and we decided we needed to come together to bring our community together and show everybody in Evansdale that there are other people out here who care,” says Misty McGrean of Des Moines.

Around one hundred people showed wearing pink all bearing heavy hearts for the Collins and Cook families.

Although this tragedy happened over 100 miles away, central Iowa residents say they feel connected to the girls.

“They’ve been gone for so long, it’s so sad to see it, I love kids and it hurts me to see this right now, I cry all the time, I’ve cried since I’ve known about it, it’s very sad,” says Mallory Smith of Des Moines.

The group came together to pray for the families and collect donations to help them through this difficult time.

McGrean says in times of need Iowans always step up and show their support.

“We’ve always been a strong state, we’ll continue to be a strong state, and it’s affected everybody in the state, so that’s why we need to come together,” says McGrean.

To donate to the Cook and Collins families please send a check made out to the Lyric and Elizabeth Fund to First Security State Bank in Evansdale, 3600 Lafayette Road Evansdale, IA 50707.