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An eastern Iowa family is lucky a hunter’s missed shot was not worse.

Last Sunday, a hunter missed a deer and shot through the front window of a rural Winneshiek county home. 

Again this weekend, the family found another missed shot had hit the shed.

“We could of been walking out in our yard even and got hit” recounts homeowner, Dale Halverson, “Just so many ifs, what if. But luckily it’s just a window. We can replace that. It’ll be fine.”

The Halversons have lived at the farm house for 40-years and have never seen anything like this.  The couple says this is an important lesson in hunting safety. 

“I have nothing against deer hunting, but if you have a gun you better know what you’re shooting,” warns Virginia Halverson.

Hunter, Daniel Swehla, says hunters can get carried away, “They get too excited about a deer that they forget everything they’ve been taught through the years,”

The Halversons say the bullets caused about $3,000 in damage. 

The DNR is investigating.