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OH BACON: Festival Tickets Go On Sale

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You can get your hands on one of the most sizzling tickets in town Wednesday. Tickets for the 6th Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival go on sale at 12:12 p.m. The event takes place on the Iowa State Fairgrounds February 9th.

John Tiffany says there isn’t much he doesn’t like about a sizzling slice of bacon. He says, “It’s the perfect food. It goes well with about anything.”

He and four friends got together to celebrate the breakfast staple in 2001. He says, “We’re just guys who started doing this with beer and bacon over 10 years ago and here we are today.”

Now, they’re a bacon board with titles like Sergeant of Bacon and BACONnoisseur. Tiffany says that means, “In charge of mass quantity of bacon and quality control.”

The five guys hosted the first Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in 2008 at High Life Lounge. It sold out with 120 people attending. VP of Bacon Enjoyment Seth Hall says, “Every year since then, we’ve somehow managed to double size of event and still keep focus on enjoyment of all things bacon.”

Now, 8,000 bacon lovers are expected to fill two buildings on the Iowa State Fairgrounds for the 6th annual festival February 9th. Hall says, “There’s going to be live music from six different local bands, 30 restaurants, 20 bacons, the bacon lecture series is always a big hit from the professor and the Iowa State meat scientist.”

Hall says tickets are $35, ten less than last year. He says that gets you all the slices you can sample. Organizers say money raised will help the community. They’ve given about $50,000 to charities since the festival started. Tiffany says, “We have a number of charities we sponsor. We also have given a scholarship to DMACC Culinary Institute among other things we do. We’re really proud of what we do and like to share it with the community.”

Organizers are using Des Moines start-up Tickly to sell the tickets. Go to www.blueribbonbaconfestival.com for more information.

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