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HISTORICAL GALA: Past And Future Celebration

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It was one of the first state buildings to be built using both public and private funds.

Now, the building that sparked the East Village revival needs some attention itself.

The State Historical Building has a plan, celebrate the past 25 years with a special party, and plan ahead for more.

Mary Cownie with the Department of Cultural Affairs says, “We want to raise the bar, we want to set the bar in terms of what can be done down here and in terms of insuring that this is a destination for all Iowans.”

Since 1987, it`s been just that, and on Friday party guests will get to see a few special items long hidden from view ranging from the notorious Villisca axe, to the Eskimo Pie.

There's big plans in the works for the site, rotating exhibits, and family programming are just a few.

The party is also a chance to celebrate the story of this building.  When it was built in 1987, the East Village wasn’t the nicest part of town, but Iowa needed a building to house the archives, a new museum and the Department of Cultural Affairs decided to take a risk.

Now they can look back with perfect hindsight.

A building dedicated to Iowa`s past helped sparked its future in the East Village, which is now more vibrant than ever.  The problem is now, this is the building that needs some renovating.

Friday`s gala should raise some money for the future, while Iowans celebrate our past and the Historical building should continue to be the risk that turned reward in the East Village.

The Director for the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs says renovations to the old building could cost as much as $102 million to complete the project.

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