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MURPHY’S LAW: McNutt Block, Your Mom, Critic BS

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Marvin McNutt had his first big NFL highlight. It was nothing like catching the winning touchdown at Michigan State.



That’s McNutt, #83 for the Eagles, being tossed into his own punter by the Bengals, and “blocking” the Eagles punt.

Talked to former Hawkeye tight end Brandon Myers Thursday. The pride of PCM is having a breakout year for the Raiders. I asked Myers about all the criticism of Kirk Ferentz. Myers says he thinks it’s “a bunch of BS”.

Greg Garmon leaving Iowa doesn’t really hurt—he’s probably third on the depth chart–but no running back exit is positive at this point, especially one who came in at four stars, and looked two.

I watched my first NAIA national championship football game Thursday night, and it was exciting. Morningside should have won, but credit Marian for hanging in there and capitalizing on some shaky Morningside moves. Marian takes the title, 30-27 in overtime.

My son Colin had his first basketball game. I was proud Colin pulled his socks up high, just like dad back in the day. Colin didn’t score, but he hustled, played good D, and dished out one spectacular, accidental assist in a hard-fought 14-12 win for the Warriors of Perkins.

colin sweating

John Sears is doing a story on Your Mom. (insert your own joke here). It’s a national championship men’s roller derby team from Des Moines.

An Indiana girls high school basketball team won a game this week, 107-2. At what point do you hold the ball?

If you’re giving a gift to a kid whose parents annoy you, try one of these: Play Doh, drums, Mister Microphone, something that needs assembly, or requires a battery that’s not easily found or accessible.

Baconfest sold 8,000 tickets in three minutes. We LOVE bacon. We’re right too.

The national media is spending WAY too much time talking Lakers angst. It’s December.

If you know which sports bars are wired to show both UNI vs Iowa (BTN), and ISU vs Drake (MC22, but not streamed on Cyclones.tv), please let me know. Many people asking.

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