PAYROLL ERROR: Workers Don’t Get Paychecks

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Hundreds of union members in Des Moines did not get the paychecks they expected on Friday.

Bridgestone workers in Des Moines are being forced to wait for their paychecks until next week.

The company says there was a clerical error in the payroll for its hourly employees, which forced them to re-submit the payroll to the bank. The resubmission did not happen in time for direct deposit paychecks to be made by Friday.

The union representing Bridgestone workers says paycheck errors happen too often at the plant, but the problem has never been this widespread, or come at a worse time.

“Everybody’s trying to get ready for the holidays, money’s tight, there are bills to pay, it adds a lot of extra stress on the holiday season,” said Steve Vonk with United Steel Workers.

Bridgestone says employees will all be paid by Monday, and they plan to reimburse employees for all late fees and penalties they incur because of the payroll error.