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RESTING PLACE: Handmade Caskets For Evansdale Girls

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Even in their final resting place, two Evansdale girls will be surrounded by the love and prayers of people they never met.

A monastery in Dubuque County is donating a special casket for Elizabeth Collins and an urn for Lyric Cook.

The girls’ bodies were discovered last week in Bremer County.

The monastery owns and operates Trappist Caskets.

There, monks and lay people work side-by-side making hand-crafted wooden caskets and urns.

Every piece receives a special blessing from a monk.

“A casket is a casket, but, for us, our kind of sacramental life, it means something that it’s made by humans that are touching it, that are making it one at a time,” Catholic monk Joseph Kronebusch said. “They’re not being spot-welded by robots coming down an assembly line.”

Elizabeth Collin’s funeral services were held Thursday night.

She’ll be buried at a later date.

Lyric Cook’s family says Lyric’s funeral will be held after Christmas.