SCHOOL SECURITY: DMPS Share Student Safety Precautions

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The Connecticut school shooting has many metro parents worried about the safety of their children while at school.

"I have to think about this now. I think they try to make schools as safe as possible, but you never know," said John Nixon, a parent at Greenwood Elementary School in Des Moines.

Since the Columbine tragedy of 1999, Des Moines Public Schools says they've been focused on safer building, emergency training for staff, and resource officers.

Precautions include having only one entrance to each building which faces the main office while making sure each classroom can be locked down.

When it comes to school resource officers, the district has ten of them but none in the elementary schools.

One officer is assigned to each high school with two officers rotating between the two middle schools.

District officials say tragedies like the Connecticut school shooting often call for the district to review their safety procedures.

"Any public place has an obligation to do what it can to keep people safe. Whenever something like this happens, everyone should step back and see what can be learned," said Phil Roeder, the director of community relations for Des Moines Public Schools.

Shortly after word broke of the shootings in Connecticut, administrators reached out to teachers encouraging them to review their emergency safety plans.

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