MURPHY’S LAW: Pray for Newtown, Hazzle Dazzle, Big ‘Ol Fish

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By: John Sears

Friday was incredibly hard to concentrate on putting a sportscast together.  The tragedy in Newtown, CT is unimaginable.  As a father of 1 (with another on the way) I can’t even begin to imagine what the parents of the murdered children are going through.  No words.  So many innocent lives taken way too early.  Emotions range from sadness to anger.  Pray for Newtown.

I don’t own a gun.  While I fully understand and respect the argument of being able to own guns, something HAS to be done with the gun control in this country. This country cannot afford anymore senseless tragedies like Newtown.  Elementary school kids are being murdered in school.  Does that need repeating?   For all those that own guns please keep them locked away, be responsible.  I understand these random acts of violence are the minority, but 1 person killed by gun violence is too many.  Laws need to be stricter.

Chris Hassel is taking his talents to ESPN.  Chris has been hired by the Mothership and will start as an anchor on ESPN News.  Huge congratulations to Hazzle Dazzle.  hasselHe’s one of the most talented on-air personalities I’ve ever seen.  He will do big things for the worldwide leader.

The Big 4 classic tips off Saturday.  I think this is a great event for the state.  It hurts UNI and Drake a little in the pocketbook, but I understand the reasoning from Iowa and Iowa State’s perspective.  Predictions.  Iowa 62 UNI 56.  ISU 73 Drake 60.

My good friend and former co-worker John Campbell called it a career Friday night.  John worked as the sports Director at KCRG in Cedar Rapids for 33 years.  Unbelievable career.  Truly a legend and one of the best in the business.  He will truly be missed.  I’m honored to have worked with John for almost 6 years, but even more honored to call him a great friend.  Congrats John, enjoy your time off!John Campbell and Bruce Aune


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