LONG OVERDUE: Snow Businesses Gear Up

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For those whose business depends on snow, news of a possible blizzard is long overdue.

If there`s a sound that gets Scott Dawson all fired up, it`s the sound of snow in the forecast.

“The last couple of days, you could tell that there`s snow in the forecast because the phone`s been ringing, people have been picking stuff up that`s been sitting here for a few weeks and they haven`t gotten yet,” he said.

The forecast could mean a terrible 2012 ends a whole lot better than it started.

Dawson says he sold only one snow blower last year and had very few repairs, and then the drought continued into the summer, killing sales and repairs of lawn equipment.

“It`s been a rough year all the way around.”

The snowplowing business needs a pick me up, too. This time last year that had a seasonal shut-down because of the lack of snow.

Iowa Outdoor Products saw business drop by about 50 percent.

They`ll work through the night to be sure they`re ready, but will be laughing all the way.

“Anybody that`s in the snow removal business for the most part is pretty happy to hear that there`s snow coming,”said Josh Baumberger of Iowa Outdoor Products.

While many of us are dreaming of a white Christmas, there are some who are flat out counting on one.