SNOW DRIVING: Tips To Keep You Safe

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It’s been nearly a year since Iowans have had to deal with snowy roads.The State Patrol is asking everyone to slow down or stay off the roads all together if possible.

Sergeant Scott Bright with the Iowa State Patrol said, "When they get out there, they're going to have to understand that their speed is going to have to change, they will need to adjust their speed for road conditions. Speed limits are there for ideal driving conditions, and with snow and ice on the road are not ideal driving conditions."

We talked with Kevin Sorensen from Street Smarts Driver’s Education to pick up some other reminders about driving safely in the snow.

  • Allow extra stopping distance.
  • Avoid abrupt steering maneuvers.
  • Have blankets and bottles of water in your car in case you get stranded.
  • Accelerate more slowly and apply the brakes in a controlled manner.
  • If you start to skid, do not slam on your brakes or over correct the steering wheel. If you are skidding left, turn your steering wheel left and vice versa.
  • Pump your brakes when trying to stop in icy conditions.
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