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AIRPORT ISSUES: Flights Canceled, Delayed

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Air travel to and from Des Moines has taken a big hit because of the winter weather.

Blizzard conditions forced most morning flights at the Des Moines International Airport to be canceled. There was too much snow on the runway for some flights to take off and low visibility was making it difficult for take offs and landings.

More flights appear to be coming in and taking off Thursday afternoon, but there are still a significant amount of cancellations.

Some travelers stranded Wednesday night came back to try again on Thursday and say the engines on the plane are frozen and they haven’t gotten word on whether it will take off.

The Des Moines International Airport has not returned our calls to comment on that situation, but they have advised that all travelers check with their airlines for the latest information.

You can also check your flight status on the airport’s website and from your smart phone using the free “13now” app.