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DIGGING OUT: Cleaning Up After Storm

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Although, many people didn't risk leaving the house today, some didn't have a choice and had to brave the elements for their jobs.

Everybody woke up to it, but not everyone is happy about it.

“Oh it's crazy, winter wonderland, fantastic, now I get to clean everything up,” says Todd Thomas of Des Moines.

Neighbors helped neighbors try to dig out their cars buried in the snow drifts left behind.

“I was a little surprised, on how much it took to get out, it was wet I thought it would be more ice than anything, but I was surprised it was definitely packed snow today,” says Justin Christians of Des Moines.

That's the worst kind, especially when you’re in a hurry like Trevor Craig, who was trying to get to work.

“Oh yeah, I’ll get there it may take me 30-40 minutes to get there but I’ll get there,” says Trevor Craig of Des Moines.

Others are working because the snow is falling..

“I do not have a choice, my boss needs these properties all snow-bowed and cleaned up for the residents so that's my job,” says Chris Cook with Perennial Properties Management.

Even a city tow truck got stuck in the weather and had to call for a tow.

“I started about five o'clock with about half a dozen calls sitting and waiting for the tow ban lift, we're slowing getting to it, and as you can see the city is even having problems,” says Dave Irvin with G & S Service.

The weather is here and here to stay.

“This is definitely part of Iowa winters; this is Iowa for you ya know,” says Christians.

Funny how one day of snow can make some people sentimental for the past.

“I would have taken a 2011 winter one more time,” says Thomas.

The city of Des Moines' new winter weather parking rules are being tested by this storm.

There is no parking allowed on any city street, however the neighborhoods of Carpenter, Drake, Drake Park, River Bend and Sherman Hill do allow parking on alternating sides of the street. Thursday night, parking is allowed on the even-numbered side.