LIGHTS OUT: Thousands Could Wait Days For Power

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For a lot of folks in the metro, it was a cold, dark night.

Like thousands of his neighbors, Don Maynes of Des Moines is in the dark. The only light in his house comes from a flashlight and a few candles.

Crews are working to restore power to about 34,000 customers. Heavy ice and snow caused power lines to snap and sag, and powerful winds meant lines were breaking faster than crews could fix them. For folks like Maynes, power can’t come fast enough. No power means no heat.

"We've lost six degrees in the last five and a half hours." Maynes explains, "(It's) 64 in here right now. If it stays off for a grand total of 24 hours it will be down in the 40's."

And that's a real good possibility. MidAmerican says it could be up to 72-hours before service is restored to all of it’s customers. They say they have Lineman working around the clock and have even called in contract workers from other states to help restore the power, but high winds and dangerous road conditions have slowed their progress.

As of 4 a.m., over 20,000 customers had their power restored leaving 13,000 still without heat and light.